Veterinary Specialty

  As the name implies deals with prescription products. Professionals use them for disease..Read More

 Crop Science

The unit endeavors to provide the latest and up to date solutions to farmers, in relation to.. Learn More

 Vet General 

  Deals with over-the-counter products that do not require prescriptions. Mainly in..Learn More.

  Public Health

  Has products for the control of pests in and around our domestic , industrial and..Read More.

About Oak Medica

OakMedica came to existence from the growing desire of multinational companies to partner with local companies to provide quality, affordable, innovative products in Agriculture, livestock and public health to the people within the region... More Info  | Our Mission

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Oak Medica Website Launch

25-02-2015 News

Oak Medica Website Launch

Oak Medica Website shall be launched soon. Read more

Discover our latest brands

25-02-2015 News

Discover our latest brands

We have started manufacturing new products, discover more. Read more