Business Units

 Oak Medica is structured into four business units for the purpose of business focus and provision of personalized service to our customers. 

Vet General Business Unit

    Deals with over-the-counter products that do not require prescriptions. Mainly in the Tick, Tsetse, flea and worms market segments.


Veterinary Specialty Business Unit

 As the name implies deals with prescription products. Professionals use them for disease and conditions management in livestock. Included in this Business Unit are: Hormones, vaccines, anti-infectives, minerals, amino acids, growth promoters and Bovine Semen.

 Hygiene & Public Health Unit

    Has products for the control of pests in and around our domestic, industrial and commercials environs. The main market segments include: Termite, Cockroach, bedbugs, fleas and mosquito control. Competent Technical staff runs the business.


  Crop Science Business Unit

 The unit endeavors to provide the latest and up to date solutions to farmers, in relation to crops. While coming up with new products we bear in mind the export and local markets requirements.


Production Unit

Set up as a service unit to the 4 Business Units. Specifically, the unit deals with repacking of bulk product into relevant pack sizes and more importantly it also formulates products for the Environmental Business Unit.