Poultry & Nutrition


Fixie is a powerful, versatile & very safe disinfectant for use as a virucidal, bactericidal and fungicidal disinfectant. It contains a complex formulation of Glutaraldehyde & Coco benzyl dimethyl ammonium chloride which combine to give a highly effective, yet safe, biocidal disinfection with cleansing properties.

Fixie prevents cross contamination in veterinary clinics and kennels (parvovirus) and other infectious diseases.


  • Offers broad spectrum of activity as disinfectant
  • Prolonged Residual activity
  • Offers broad spectrum of activity as a water  sanitizer
  • Ensures safety- Non corrosive
  • Ensures safety even in presence of birds

Areas of Usage:

Fixie is recommended for routine disinfection of animal farms and facilities i.e. Animal housing, Veterinary clinics, Hospitals and food hygiene.

Fixie is also recommended for use in poultry farming, dairy and beef cattle farms, pig farming, horse stables, kennels e.t.c.


1litre, 500ml,250ml, 100ml



Hepatox is a powerful antioxidant, enhances the elimination of toxins helping the immune system in times of infections. Hence it is indicated in:- aflatoxicosis, entero-infections, intoxications, myco-toxicosis, entero-hepatitis and fatty liver syndrome. Hepatox is also used as a coadjuvant in treatment of Gumboro disease, fowl typhoid, colibacillosis, water belly, fowl cholera, egg drop syndrome and all situations related to liver dysfunction.


  • Stimulates regenaration of liver cells.
  • Enhances elimination of toxins (aflatoxins)
  • stimulates liver for better bile secretion.
  • Increases the appetite and manages stress especially after illness and vaccination.
  • Has  benefits of liver Protection
  • bolsters immunity through detoxification
  • possesses antiviral and parasiticidal properties.
  • Ensures uniformity in growth and egg laying in a flock.

5Litres, 1litre, 500ml, 250ml, 100ml



Vitramino is a water soluble supplement containing Amino acid, vitamins and trace elements specially formulated for poultry.


  • Zinc is a component of a number of mettaloenzymes hence recommended in cases of poor shell quality, poor feathering and dermatitis, infertility and suppressed immune system. 
  • Copper is associated with iron metabolism which has a rapid turnover rate in chicken. Hence vitramino is indicated in any internal infection such as coccidiosis which can interfere with iron absorption and availability. 
  • Performance deficiencies, stress (transport, vaccination, feed or climatic changes), during high production periods (laying, growth) or after antibiotic treatment. 
  • Selenium works with vitamin E in boosting the immune status of poultry.




250ml and





  • This is a high energy formula of multivitamins and amino acids with a dramatic response.
  • Vitamino is beneficial to enhance healthy growth and combat any form of stress in a flock.


  • It is beneficial when a flock is subjected to stressful conditions like before and after vaccination, sickness, transportation, change of weather and lack of appetite.
  • Vitamino maximizes antibiotic response by elevating blood glucose.
  • Used to improve feed conversion and increase egg production.
  • It will combat vitamin deficiency and support the immune system against infection.


1kg, 500gms, 100gm, 50gm, 25gm